Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Courses

If you work with food products, whether in a manufacturing, retail or catering capacity, you must have a basic understanding of how to do this safely.

Our range of market leading accredited and bespoke food safety courses are a must for anyone working with food, whether you’re stacking shelves in a supermarket or the head chef in a restaurant.

Upcoming face-to-face courses:

(Click on course title for information)Duration
(inc breaks)
Level 2 Award in Food Safety (face to face)7 hr-
Level 2 Award in Food Safety – Outdoors (1 Day)8 hr-29th26th--28th-30th-24th-26th-
Level 2 Award in Food Safety – Outdoors (2 Day)14 hr-

Details of all our courses can be found below.

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