Pre-Hospital Care

Pre-Hospital Care

Within this section you’ll find details of the courses we offer that meet or exceed descriptor level C of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care PHEM Skills Framework. We’ve also included other courses that are applicable to those working at or above this level.

Upcoming face-to-face courses:

(Click on course title for information)Duration
(inc breaks)
Catastrophic Bleed Control Course3 hr-11th
Critical Injury Responder Course8 hr26th--10th-21st-9th-12th-20th-8th
Level 3 Award for First Person On Scene (International) (RQF)4 days--
Level 3 Award for First Responders (RQF)4 days20th, 21st,
27th & 28th
Wound Closure (Half Day)4 hr----18th-6th-15th--14th--
Wound Closure (inc. Suturing)7 hr----18th-6th-15th--14th--
Administration of Emergency Oxygen3.5 hr (plus pre-learning)--
Administration of Emergency Medical Gases6 hr (plus pre-learning)--
New! - Administration of Penthrox (Methoxyflurane)2 hrComing Soon!-

Details of all our courses can be found below.

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