How to book your course

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How to book your course

Welcome to our short guide on how to book your course with us. We all find it frustrating that every online retailer seems to have a different way of taking orders. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they actually showed us how their shop “worked” so we could shop with them?

Well we’ve done just that & here it is!

We regularly get enquiries from people asking to book a place on a course. Sometimes the system just doesn’t seem to work for them, other times they’re just not used to buying online and aren’t sure how it works or what to press.

Hopefully this short guide will show you exactly how to purchase your place on a course, whether it’s for you or a group of your colleagues.

1. Choose your course

So the first thing that you need to do is to choose the course that you’d like to attend. Click on “Courses” on the menu bar above to visit our course collections. Alternatively, you can click on “All our courses” which is listed under the “courses” tab – they both take you to the same place.

Not sure which course to attend?

If you’re not sure which would be the best course for you, get in touch with us so that we can discuss it with you. Click here, and you’ll open a new browser window that will open our Contact Us page. There’s a contact for that you can fill in, or you can email or call us, or get in touch via social media.

Alternatively, use the chat function (that’s the green comma icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen – click on it and it’ll open up a small window that you can use to type a message to us. If we’re available, we’ll respond straight away).

When you get to our course page, you’ll see that we’ve grouped our courses into various groups. Some are very specific, such as “First Aid Courses”, “Food Safety Courses”, etc, but there are also groups of courses that are typically chosen by businesses, child carers, etc.

So click on whichever group you feel is most appropriate for your needs.

Course Groups - Find your course in these handy groups

When you’ve clicked on and gone into a group, you’ll see all of the courses that we offer under that grouping. For example, here’s what our first aid group looks like:

Courses - Which one will you choose?

Click on the image, the course title or “Select Options” to access more details about the course and to make your booking.

Course - Click here for more details

2. Select your course options

When you’ve accessed the course and you’re happy that you want to book your place(s) on the course, simply click on “Choose an option”. This will then show you all the available options for that course. Typically these are:

  • Register your interest – Click on this and you’ll see some text and a link to a form that you can fill in to tell us that you’d like to come on this course. We’ll then add you to the list of people who would like to be informed of future dates for this course as we release them.
  • Private Course Booking – Click on this and you’ll see some text and a link to request a quotation for a private course. Click on it and our Quote Builder form will open in a new tab. Simply fill it in as best you can and submit it to us. We’ll then get in touch with you so that we can give you a bespoke price for your course.
  • Course dates – Theses are the dates & times when the course is schedule to run. Click on one to choose the course date.
Course options - Private booking, register for new course dates, or select a course date.

Accredited or not?

Many of the courses that we offer can also be run as accredited courses. Put simply, this means that the certificate that you receive will be issued by an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, rather than by Chris Garland Training. Ultimately there is no difference in which certificate you choose from an education, assessment or insurance point of view, but some clients prefer to receive their certificate from an Awarding Organisation.

Naturally, as Awarding Organisations are third parties, there is a cost involved with the administration of their examination, assessment and certification process. While we try to keep costs to a minimum, we do need to charge for this additional process.

If the course that you wish to undertake can be certified by an Awarding Organisation, you will see the option to choose this once you have selected which date you’d like to attend.

Course Certificate - Which would you prefer?

Simply click in the small black circle to choose which certification you’d prefer. If you choose the “Certificate issued by the Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisation” option, any additional fee that this incurs will be added to the course fee in your basket.

Next, choose how many places you’d like to book on the course. Then click “Add to basket” and your booking will be added to your basket.

Course Certificate - Select here

3. Pay for your course

After you’ve added your selection to your basket, you’ll be redirected to your basket page. Double check that the course type, certification option, quantity and price are all correct, then click “Proceed to checkout”.

Basket Page

This will open a new page, where you can fill in your personal details & leave us any Customer Notes that we need to be aware of.

Please fill in all the fields in this form as fully as you can – it really does help us!

Checkout page - Please fill this in as much as you can


  • Select your payment method,
  • Tick the box to say that you agree to our Terms & Conditions,
  • Click on “Place order”.
Checkout - Don't forget to select these!

Credit/Debit Card – After you click on “Place order” you’ll be redirected to our the WorldPay payment gateway where you can fill in your card details. You need to fill in every field that is marked with a red star. Once completed, click on “Submit For Processing”. Your card will be debited and we will receive notification of your course booking. Should anything go wrong with this process, you will be notified by the WorldPay system at this stage.

WorldPay Payment Gateway image
PCI-DSS Compliance Certified

PCI-DSS Compliance

Chris Garland Training are certified as being fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. We don’t hold any identifiable information about your payment, other than the method used and the amount paid.

Direct Bank Transfer (BACS) – If you choose this payment option you will receive an email from us titled “Your Chris Garland Training order has been received!”. This email includes details of our bank account details so that you can make payment. Please note that until your payment has been received and manually verified by ourselves, your order will show as being “On Hold”. This is perfectly normal. Please feel free to send us an email to confirm when you have made payment. We can then check to see that it has been received and update your order to “Completed”.

4. Order confirmation

Once you’ve made your course booking and completed the payment, you will receive several emails from us.

“Your Chris Garland Training account has been created!” – This confirms that you have created an account with us. The email will include your automatically generated password that you can use to access your account and view your purchase history.

“Your Chris Garland Training order has been received!” – As above, if you have chosen to pay by Direct Bank Transfer (BACS), you will receive this email. This email includes details of our bank account details so that you can make payment. Please note that until your payment has been received and manually verified by ourselves, your order will show as being “On Hold”. This is perfectly normal. Please feel free to send us an email to confirm when you have made payment. We can then check to see that it has been received and update your order to “Completed”.

“Your Chris Garland Training order is now complete” – This second email will come through when we have confirmed receipt of payment for the course. This email will also include your order number (“WO_0….”) and the date that you made your booking. Where you have paid by card, this should come through to you immediately that payment is confirmed by the WorldPay system. Where you have chosen to pay by BACS or purchase order number, this will be manually generated, so won’t come through immediately.

Update to WO_0…” – Should we need to send you an update about your order, this will typically come through in the same way, but occasionally we might email you directly, in which case the emails will come from us at [email protected]

5. After that…

Joining Instructions – Please review our Joining Instructions page, as this includes loads of important information about the course, what you need to bring with you & wear on the day of your course. If you have purchased the course places for other people, please send them a link to this page straight away as they need to read it.

Here’s the direct link:

Local Accommodation – If you’ve booked onto a multi-day course, or you’re coming from more than two hours away (that could just be as little as 40 miles in the rush hour traffic), you may wish to find somewhere local to stay. We have had a number of clients do just this over the years, so have collated their recommendations onto our Local Accommodation page. We have no links to any of these establishments & they are merely recommendations from previous clients.

Should you have any questions about any of the above topics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You may also like to have a look at our FAQ page for more information.