3 must have qualifications for your CV

Whether you’re 16 or 60, there are 3 must have qualifications for your CV. When it comes to looking for a job, one thing is for certain; you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Be the one that the employer chooses for the job over all others. No matter which industry[…]

Saving lives and Saving the planet

We’re in the business of teaching people like you life saving skills. We’re also an environmentally conscious business, constantly striving to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible, doing our part to save the planet. We’re immensely proud to announce our brand new partnership with JUST ONE Tree. Our partnership means that every time you book[…]

Freedom Day

Today (19th July 2021) is the so-called Freedom Day in the UK, where Covid-19 safety precautions are no longer legally mandated. Like all businesses, we have had to adapt how we operate since the outbreak of Covid. Today is Freedom Day, the day that the Government have decided that it’s appropriate for the legally mandated[…]

ProTrainings Approved Centre

ProTrainings Approved Centre We’ve now been approved by ProTrainings as a training centre! So as well as an additional suite of over 300 online courses (bringing our total to close to 500 online training courses!), it means that we’re also able to offer a range of courses that are bespoke to ProTrainings. I believe that[…]

Covid-19 Statement (June ’21)

Things are always changing with regards to Covid-19; it’s a virus, after all. Here’s our latest position statement with regards to the virus, the pandemic & training courses. Covid-19 Statement Cheshire East Trading Standards confirm that, subject to standard COVID-19 safety protocols, all face to face training can continue, where online courses are unavailable or[…]

Are your new ladders dangerous?

Last year I purchased a set of telescopic ladders from a well known online marketplace. The idea was that candidates on my ladder use and inspection courses could use them. When I opened the box, I was initially surprised at how little they weighed. But as they’re only 2.6 metres in length I thought it[…]

Ladder inspection checklist for the home user

Ladder inspection, as dull as it sounds is really important for ladder users both at home ans at work. Ladders are a wonderful piece of equipment, that at first glance seem to be extremely easy to use. While this might be true of the majority of types of ladder (multi-function ladders are definitely an exception[…]

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19)

[Latest update: 15th May] Contents: Basic important information (updated) Our training courses (updated) Updates: 15th May 2020 15th Mar 2020 11th Mar 2020 28th Feb 2020 General and useful information about coronavirus How do you self-isolate & what should I do or not do while at home? Masks Hand washing Expert opinion Links And finally…[…]

CPR during the covid pandemic

CPR during the covid pandemic As you can imagine, for those providing CPR during the covid pandemic, this brings with it additional risks. During CPR, there is always the potential for rescuers to be exposed to bodily fluids, as providing chest compressions or rescue breaths can aerosolise the naturally occurring fluids in the victims airway.[…]

Face to Face courses in a post Covid-19 world

Face to Face courses in a post Covid-19 world With the lockdown situation being as it is, we have had to cancel all our face to face courses. Unfortunately this will have to continue until we are given guidance by the regulatory authorities that states that we can reopen again (with whatever distancing requirements are[…]

Emerade Auto-injectors, again!

Emerade Auto-injectors, again! This morning the UK’s MHRA have announced via official Government channels that the manufacturers of the Emerade 300 microgram solution auto-injector pens have all been recalled by the manufacturer. Several months ago you may remember that we reported problems with these auto-injectors. Well, it seems that the manufacturers have been proactive in[…]

Maintain your normal

Maintain your normal In today’s blog post I want to talk about things that you can do to help maintain a sense of normality, now that we are beyond the first couple of weeks of lockdown within the UK. The days seem to blur from one into the next I’m sure you’ve had the situation[…]

First aid certificate expiry

First aid certificate expiry [Updated 30th July 2020] First aid certificate expiry dates are probably not top of your list of things to think about & since the UK went into lockdown (23rd March if you’ve forgotten), we’ve all had plenty to think about. But businesses have to ensure that they have sufficient cover available[…]

First Aid Series – The First Aid Needs Assessment

Undertaking a first aid “needs assessment” is a critical part of everyone’s first aid preparation, from the young family to the multi-national business and everywhere in between. In this blog I’m going to introduce you to the concept of a needs assessment & guide you through how to undertake yours. A good friend of mine[…]

Responder courses – FREC, FPOS or Something else?

Responder courses – FREC, FPOS or Something Else? Responder courses: If you “do” first aid, whether as a volunteer first responder or an event medic, then these are terms that you’ve probably heard of before. They’re acronyms relating to various first aid qualifications that are more advanced than the standard First Aid at work course.[…]

No one should be restricted from learning

No one should be restricted from learning. A family friend of mine died recently, as a result of choking while having a meal with his wife and young family. This is absolutely tragic and my thoughts go out to his family and friends. Learning simple skills can, and does, save lives. When you practice these[…]

Just another day – a fire evacuation story.

Just another day – a fire evacuation story. It’s just another day at work. You’re mid-way through writing an email when you’re dragged back into reality because someone shouted something. What was it? FIRE! You hear it again and this time you brain starts to whirl as the deafening sound of the fire alarm attacks[…]

Anaphylaxis – Announcement of a potential defect in Emerade 150, 300 & 500 microgram solution auto-injectors

Anaphylaxis – Announcement of a potential defect in Emerade 150, 300 & 500 microgram solution auto-injectors: We’ve just received notification (11th July 2019) that there is a potential problem with EMERADE 150, 300 & 500 auto-injectors. Bausch & Lomb UK limited, the manufacturers of Emerade Adrenalin Auto-Injectors has highlighted a risk of Emerade products failing[…]