3 must have qualifications for your CV

3 Must Have Qualifications For Your CV

3 Must Have Qualifications For Your CV

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Whether you’re 16 or 60, there are 3 must have qualifications for your CV.

When it comes to looking for a job, one thing is for certain; you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Be the one that the employer chooses for the job over all others. No matter which industry you are looking to work in.

I’ve said it for many years now, but there are 3 must have qualifications for your CV. These are

  1. emergency first aid at work
  2. level 2 food safety
  3. fire marshal training

If you’re 16 to 19, having these on your CV will make your prospective employer look at you differently. You’ll be able to actually bring something to their business, rather than just being another pair of hands.

Emergency first aid at work

The first is a qualification in basic first aid. As you’re going to be in a workplace, having a workplace specific first aid qualification would make sense.

All businesses need to ensure that they provide sufficient numbers of first aid trained personnel. This is so that they can provide first aid for their employees and clients. Can you imagine how much benefit you would be to them if you already had this qualification?

The course only takes one day to complete. So investing around £85 and one day would instantly mean that your CV stands out. Not only is this a benefit to the business; it also shows that you have the self-drive to go out and get an extracurricular qualification.

All emergency first aid at work courses cover the same syllabus of learning. This syllabus is determined by the Health and Safety Executive. Topics include a basic understanding of the health and safety legislation relating to first aid. They also look at first aid kits and what should be inside them. Then the courses always look at your role and responsibilities as a first aider. Next is how you can act safely, promptly, and affectively during an emergency.

You’re then trained on how to manage incidents, prevent cross contamination, and administer first aid to somebody who is injured. The course also covers CPR and the use of defibrillators, how to put people into the recovery position. Other topics include the appropriate treatment for:

  • choking,
  • small cuts, grazes and bruises,
  • splinters,
  • minor burns and scalds,
  • medical shock, and
  • treatment for a casualty having a seizure.

Level 2 Award in food safety

The second qualification that I always recommend is the level 2 award in food safety.

Cafes and restaurants and some pubs are all “food businesses”. You’re significantly more likely to be employed in a food businesses if you already have a basic level of food safety training. The beauty of the level two food safety qualification is that it’s easy to get and inexpensive. Costing around £15 and only taking around one day to complete as an online course, why wouldn’t you do it?

While the topics included in the course may sound overwhelming, courses are always run to build on your existing knowledge.

The course looks at food safety legislation and the paperwork required in a food business. Also covered is the environmental health officers’ powers, and something called “due diligence”. The course then looks at how food poisoning can occur and what you can do to prevent it. Cooking, hot holding, cooling, thawing, and reheating of food is also covered.

Alongside these, personal hygiene and your role as a food handler within the HACCP based food safety management system. The six-stage cleaning process is also covered as part of the course. This means that even as a 16-year-old pot washer, you are already a significant benefit to the business.

Fire marshal training

The third course that I always recommend people get is a fire marshal qualification.

All businesses, no matter what they do, must ensure they have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in place. If there are separate rooms/areas within the premises, most businesses allocate a specifically trained fire marshal to that area. The fire marshal is responsible for ensuring the safe and prompt evacuation of these designated areas (zones). They also ensure that the windows and doors are closed on the way out.

Fire marshal training can be completed face to face in the classroom or as an online course. Typically fire marshal training is less than £30 as an online course. While it’s around £65 when done face to face. The main difference between the courses is that face-to-face courses include hands-on practise with a selection of different fire extinguishers. Again, this practical experience would make you stand out from the crowd and be a real asset to any employer.

So, what are you waiting for?

Both the food safety and fire marshal training can be booked online right now. And you could have these qualifications on your CV the space of a weekend. After that, attend a one-day face to face first aid course. With the three completed, you will have gained our 3 must have qualifications for your CV.

All three qualifications last for a period of three years, so why not do them is right after your GCSE’s. You will then be able to take them to prospective employers while you are at college or university. After all, there’s nothing better than having your own money, especially when you are in your late teens!

Investing as little as £125 and three days of your time could make a significant difference to your employment opportunities.

We run emergency first aid at work courses monthly, and face to face food safety and fire marshal courses every 4 to 12 weeks.

Arguably these three must have qualifications for your CV aren’t limited to those who are 16-19 years old. Many businesses say that they would love to see these qualifications on their own colleague’s CV’s, no matter how old they are.

If you’d like to discuss your training, email me now.

3 must have qualifications for your CV

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