Evacuation chair training

Just another day – a fire evacuation story.

Just another day – a fire evacuation story. It’s just another day at work. You’re mid-way through writing an email when you’re dragged back into reality because someone shouted something. What was it? FIRE! You hear it again and this time you brain starts to whirl as the deafening sound of the fire alarm attacks your senses. There’s a fire[…]

Evacuation Chairs – What you need to know.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about evacuation chairs. There are lots of makes and models of evacuation chair on the market. You have probably already seen some in publicly accessible buildings such as hospitals, hotels, sports grounds and arenas; I’ve even seen one in my local Costa Coffee shop. In which case you might be wondering what an evacuation chair does, who it’s for and how you use it? So let’s start with the basics.