Realism, realism, realism

Hello and welcome to this latest blog post. As you can gather from the title, is all about realism and getting your training to be as realistic as possible.

As you know I’m always adding to my training kit. I’m constantly looking for equipment and props that can better improve the way I deliver courses. Well this week I’ve managed to add a Ruth Lee training mannequin to our stores.

Our Ruth Lee training manikin - We've called him Harry as he's really heavy. (Larry is our light weight one).

Ruth Lee are the world’s leading manufacturer of training mannequins. They make training equipment for the world’s military, police, search and rescue, lifeboat and other rescue services. From working at height to cave and confined space rescue, their equipment is the second to none.

The mannequin that we’ve bought is a working at height model. It’s correctly anatomically weighted, articulated and features a resistant spine representative of a semi-conscious casualty. It’s perfect for our outdoor first aid courses & forest school first aid courses. We’ll also be using it on our evacuation chair courses for those too nervous to have a live passenger!

Having professional training equipment along with undertaking countless hours of professional development, means that you can be assured of the very best training possible.

I look forward to seeing you on a course soon.


Realism, realism, realism

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