Evacuation Chair & Sledge Training

Evacuation Chair & Sledge Training

Did you know that the UK Government guidelines state that in the event of an emergency, evacuation chairs are the preferred means of evacuating a building for those who are disabled, have mental health troubles, are pregnant or who need assistance? Evacuation Chair & Sledge Training is therefore a legal requirement where these are installed.

At Chris Garland Training, we offer scheduled/open training courses in their use at our training centres. You can learn how to use a range of models, including the market leading Evac+Chair 300H. We also train staff on the use of the Ibex Transeat; perfect for smaller stairways.

If you can’t come to us, why not book a private course for your colleagues at your workplace for up to 6 people. Private courses are available, nationwide.

Did you know that Government Guidelines also state that any evacuation chair & sledge training should include disability awareness, disability evacuation etiquette, and moving, lifting and handling techniques. You might not get this from other providers, but you do with Chris Garland Training.

Details of all our courses can be found below.

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