New training materials tourniquets

New training materials tourniquets

I’m always trying to make my first aid training as realistic as possible, while keeping it appropriate for the audience and the course.

New training materials Tourniquets Gen7 CAT Tourniquets
Gen7 CAT Tourniquets

Today I’ve added a different blend of fake blood to the props department (much more similar to arterial blood than before) alongside a suitcase full of theatrical body parts sporting various major trauma injuries.

Obviously these are for use on specific first aid courses such as our Catastrophic Injuries Training course and our Forestry Commission compliant first aid courses, but if that’s the training that you need, you can be assured of the best possible course with Chris Garland Training.

New training materials Tourniquets: We’ve also taken delivery of a batch of Generation 7 CAT (combat application tourniquets) for use on those courses where the clients are likely to need training on their use. (Note that the HSE, who stipulate the contents of emergency first aid at work & first aid at work courses, stated back in 2017 that tourniquets and haemostatic dressings can be included in these courses).

So as I say; your training, how you need it, when you want it!


New training materials tourniquets

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