Meet your instructors

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Meet Your Instructors

When you book on a course, you want to be certain that you’re getting value for money & that the course that you’re undertaking is going to be exactly what you need it to be. You also want to be sure that the person teaching you knows what they’re taking about, has the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to answer your questions properly. So we thought that we’d create an instructor biography page to give you the low-down on who will be teaching you on your course.

Chris Garland

Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.


At the age of 6, Chris’s school declared to his parents that “he’d be lucky to be a binman”. Sadly dyslexia wasn’t well recognised back in the early 1980’s, but moving to a different school identified it & helped Chris to gain 9 GCSE’s. Then, like many at the age of 16, Chris was asked the impossible question – “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?”

Apart from wanting a job outdoors, there was nothing that he had a burning urge to do, so he embarked on a career in construction. This started with a BTEC in construction, an honours degree in building surveying and ultimately lead to around 15 years working in the construction industry across Europe & the UK as a project manager.

In 2008 Chris wanted to get out of the office and back to one of his passions – being outdoors. So, after qualifying as a bushcraft, survival and forest school leader, Chris founded the company that trades as Chris Garland Training, Forest Skills Ltd.

The mission was to teach traditional crafts alongside the burgeoning bushcraft, survival and forest school education movements. This has developed into a passion to teach others as he remembers all too well how difficult he found it to learn new subjects throughout his formal education.

It was while refreshing his outdoor first aid qualifications that Chris decided to expand his first aid & safety knowledge and launch Chris Garland Training. Since then Chris has driven the company forward with a mission to provide the very best training around while increasing the scope of courses available to candidates. Chris prides himself on undertaking around 20 hours of CPD each week, ensuring that he’s always at the top of his game when it comes to the latest information & techniques when training others.

Expert training team

We also use a number of expert instructors and assessors for some of our courses. Team members currently include;

  • Allan Shaw – First aid & outdoor education expert.
  • Chris Scarisbrick – Mental health & first aid instructor
  • Jayne Hayward – First aid, health and safety instructor.
  • Julian Woodall – Military first aid & travel safety risk management instructor.
  • Luke Taylor – Fire & health and safety expert.
  • Mandy Salt – Safeguarding and first aid instructor
  • Marc Ewen – Mental health instructor.
  • Phil Cracknell RN – First responder course instructor.

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