About Us

About Us

I believe that knowledge & education should be available to everyone, and ‘how’ that knowledge & education is presented should be tailored to suit each person’s learning styles and resources.

This comes from being told that I’d be lucky to be a bin man when I was at school. I’ve never been one to accept what I’m told – I always question things

So changed schools, got 9 GCSE’s, 4 AS levels, 3 A levels and an honours degree. I then had a career project managing multi-million pound construction projects, all while managing a team of over 30 people, spread across 3 offices in two countries.

It’s that same determination that makes me want to be the best, to provide you with the best training that I can; whether I instruct the course, or I bring in a subject matter expert. After all, I can’t know everything!

Chris Garland

Chris Garland

At Chris Garland Training, our aim is to offer you the knowledge and education you want, in a way that suits you the most, at a time that’s most convenient for you. So we offer a suite of courses in a range of different topics. These can be accessed online, as blended learning courses & as fully face2face courses.

If you can’t attend our training centre, we can arrange for a trainer to come to you and run the face2face element of the course for your and your colleagues at your venue.

We also blog and podcast about the subjects that we teach. So when there’s something new to talk about, we’re there talking about it. Want to find out about our instructors? Click here.

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