Freedom Day

Freedom Day

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Today (19th July 2021) is the so-called Freedom Day in the UK, where Covid-19 safety precautions are no longer legally mandated. Like all businesses, we have had to adapt how we operate since the outbreak of Covid.

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  • Covid-19 Information (our policy until January 2022)
    • Temperature:
    • Masks & Visors
    • Social distancing:
    • Wellness screening:
    • Track & Trace:
    • Sanitiser:
    • Cleaning of “touch points”
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Today is Freedom Day, the day that the Government have decided that it’s appropriate for the legally mandated Covid restrictions to be removed, and be replaced with guidance. However, this doesn’t mean for one second that Covid-19 has gone away. In fact the Prime Minister and several other members of the Cabinet are currently self-isolating as I type.

Nevertheless, because businesses are now able to open up again, a proportion of the general public will want to make full benefit of these relaxations. So I’ve had to review our policies and update them to reflect our stance on Covid-19.

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Chris Garland Training, just as every business, are legally required to ensure the health, safety & welfare of our employees, outside contractors and clients. Because Covid-19 is a known hazard with potentially life-changing or life-ending consequences, we have to ensure our & your safety.

So from now on, if you’re joining a face to face course, with Chris Garland Training, whether at our training centre or at your venue (ie private course), the following rules will apply.

Covid-19 Information (our policy until January 2022)


  • Your temperature will be taken before you enter the training centre. This is taken at the forehead or inner wrist.
  • If your skin temperature (taken at forehead or inner wrist) is 37.8oC or higher, you are running a temperature and you won’t be allowed to enter the training centre or continue with your training on the day. We will contact you/your manager to rearrange your training for a future date.

Masks & Visors

  • Under 2 metres:
    • Masks/visors must be worn by all candidates and staff when within 2 metres of another person.
    • The only exception to this is where two or more candidates are “in a bubble”. Those candidates won’t have to wear masks when sitting or working together. When outside of their “bubble”, masks must be worn.
  • Over 2 metres:
    • Provided that we can ensure more than 20 litres per minute or air change (scientific guidance) in the room, masks & visors don’t have to be worn when you are more than 2 metres away from another person.
  • Legitimate exemption:
    • If you have a legitimate exemption from wearing a mask, we will ask you to wear a visor, which we can provide.

Social distancing:

  • We will continue to practice social distancing.

Wellness screening:

  • To ensure a Covid Secure training environment, you will be asked to complete a self-screening assessment before entering the training room.
  • This screening also applies to our trainers & assessors.
  • You are not permitted to attend the course, if any of the following to be true:
    • You, or anyone in your household has displayed any of the signs or symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 infection within the past 14 days. These include:
      • Dry cough or sneezing
      • Shortness of breath
      • High temperature
      • Flu like symptoms
      • Loss of taste or smell
    • You have been in contact with any person within the past 14 days who has (or is suspected to have) contracted Covid-19.
  • We reserve the right to refuse you access to the training.

Track & Trace:

  • If we receive information that someone on your course has developed symptoms within 14 days, we will notify you, the trainer and any other individuals who may have been in close proximity to that person of the possible exposure risk.


  • Hand sanitiser will be provided within the training centre for your use.

Cleaning of “touch points”

  • We will regularly sanitise door handles/push plates, & work surfaces using 70% isopropyl alcohol spray. This kills all viruses, etc, almost instantly.


I’m sure that, like me, you know people who have died from the virus & know people who have only just caught it. The scientific evidence about the long-term effects of covid-19 is still patchy, but memory & neurological changes are commonly reported.

I don’t intend to catch Covid & I’m sure you don’t either. So I’ve put into place these reasonably practicable steps to ensure your & your instructors health while you are on your course with us.

Do you think that these measures go far enough? Is there something that we’ve missed? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to discuss your training requirements, click here to email me now.

Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
Freedom Day

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