Evacuation Chair Servicing

Evacuation Chair Servicing: Our evacuation chairs had their annual service today so that they’re all ready to be used on our upcoming evacuation chair user & assistant courses. While the engineer was working on them we got chatting. He said that having just won a new contract, they were amazed to find that the vast majority of evacuation chairs that the client had installed at their premises across the UK had never been serviced from when they were first installed in the mid 1990’s.

Evacuation Chair Servicing Legislation

Now, not only is this against UK legislation (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998), it’s downright irresponsible.

How would you feel if you were a wheelchair user & had to be evacuated from a your workplace during a building fire, only to find that the evacuation equipment hadn’t been checked in over 20 years?

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a wheelchair user to need the use of an evacuation chair. They are commonly used by children, pregnant ladies, those who are hearing or sight impaired, those with reduced movability, & by the inebriated to name but a few.

Could you imagine if the same was said of equally important and life saving fire extinguishing equipment such as building sprinkler systems or portable fire extinguishers?

Evacuation Chair Servicing - Fire Safety Equipment - Image of an old scrap fire engine

Our thoughts

Please ensure that you keep on top of your legal responsibilities towards you business, your colleagues & the wider public, don’t forget the evacuation chair servicing! If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch as we can help in recommending health and safety professionals who can help you.

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Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
Evacuation Chair Servicing

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