Covid-19 Statement (June ’21)

Latest Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement (June ’21)

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Things are always changing with regards to Covid-19; it’s a virus, after all. Here’s our latest position statement with regards to the virus, the pandemic & training courses.

Covid-19 Statement

Cheshire East Trading Standards confirm that, subject to standard COVID-19 safety protocols, all face to face training can continue, where online courses are unavailable or undesirable.

This means that we can continue helping you to keep on the right side of the law, by maintaining your legally required staff safety training.

During our face to face courses, when at our training venue, we’ll be keeping the windows and doors open (bring your big coat) to increase airflow (official guidance is 20 litres per minute). We’ll also all be 2 metres away from each other at most times of the day. Whenever we’re closer than 2 metres, additional measures will be implemented; i.e. wearing masks, etc. Hand sanitiser will continue to be available during each course.

When we’re training at your venue, we’ll expect the same, so don’t be offended if we ask. We like being healthy & safe as well.


I’m keeping my ear to the ground, listening out for the latest news and studies. When I find out more, I’ll be updating the guidance that I issue for training courses. In the meantime, please try to keep yourselves safe. For example, I’m doing what I can to find out about the new “Delta Plus” variant that’s been the cause of the fresh lockdown in parts of India. You might have heard about the lockdown implementation being delayed in the news last night (27/06/2021).

So what are you doing at your workplace to minimise the transmission of covid-19?

Do you feel it’s enough? Comment below.

Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.

Covid-19 Statement (June ’21)

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