Covid-19 Lockdown 3

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Covid-19 Lockdown 3

During the third lockdown period we will be remaining open for business.

Our suite of online (e-learning) courses are available 24/7 and with over 50 courses available, including annual skills update courses for first aiders, you may find the training that you need just a few clicks away. Have a look what you could learn.

For courses that include practical skills or assessments, we will remain open to run these courses for you. However, when booking your place on the courses, you will need to confirm your business needs (not “wants”), for attending the training.

Ultimately, it’s down to each of us to limit travel and mixing with other people, as this is how we’re going to stop the spread of this virus.

Many training centres up and down the country are closing during the lockdown period. That doesn’t help those who have a genuine need to access or renew their training.

By implementing a policy whereby only those who have a genuine need to attend our training centre during the lockdown period for a face to face training course, we can help do our part in reducing the spread of the virus.

Examples of genuine business needs include:

  • Key workers.
  • Dentists & GP’s to need to renew their annual BLS training to remain open.
  • Nurseries & Schools, etc who need staff to gain or renew their paediatric first aid certificates.
  • Businesses with insufficient first aiders to enable them to open for business. (see the HSE’s website for more information). If you need to train fire marshals, or refresh their training, both of these courses are available as e-learning courses, here.

Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times. Hopefully we’ll all be able to return to some form of normality soon.

Further information

Please read our blog post regarding certificate extensions as this may have a bearing on your training needs.

We also strongly recommend that all businesses review their first aid needs assessment at this time. We’ve written a handy blog post about this (click here to read it) and there is more information about this on the HSE’s website, here.