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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19)

[Latest update: 15th May] Contents: Basic important information (updated) Our training courses (updated) Updates: 15th May 2020 15th Mar 2020 11th Mar 2020 28th Feb 2020 General and useful information about coronavirus How do you self-isolate & what should I do or not do while at home? Masks Hand washing Expert opinion Links And finally…[…]

CPR during the covid pandemic

CPR during the covid pandemic As you can imagine, for those providing CPR during the covid pandemic, this brings with it additional risks. During CPR, there is always the potential for rescuers to be exposed to bodily fluids, as providing chest compressions or rescue breaths can aerosolise the naturally occurring fluids in the victims airway.[…]

Emerade Auto-injectors, again!

Emerade Auto-injectors, again! This morning the UK’s MHRA have announced via official Government channels that the manufacturers of the Emerade 300 microgram solution auto-injector pens have all been recalled by the manufacturer. Several months ago you may remember that we reported problems with these auto-injectors. Well, it seems that the manufacturers have been proactive in[…]

First aid certificate expiry

First aid certificate expiry [Updated 30th July 2020] First aid certificate expiry dates are probably not top of your list of things to think about & since the UK went into lockdown (23rd March if you’ve forgotten), we’ve all had plenty to think about. But businesses have to ensure that they have sufficient cover available[…]

First Aid Series – The First Aid Needs Assessment

Undertaking a first aid “needs assessment” is a critical part of everyone’s first aid preparation, from the young family to the multi-national business and everywhere in between. In this blog I’m going to introduce you to the concept of a needs assessment & guide you through how to undertake yours. A good friend of mine[…]

Responder courses – FREC, FPOS or Something else?

Responder courses – FREC, FPOS or Something Else? Responder courses: If you “do” first aid, whether as a volunteer first responder or an event medic, then these are terms that you’ve probably heard of before. They’re acronyms relating to various first aid qualifications that are more advanced than the standard First Aid at work course.[…]

Anaphylaxis – Announcement of a potential defect in Emerade 150, 300 & 500 microgram solution auto-injectors

Anaphylaxis – Announcement of a potential defect in Emerade 150, 300 & 500 microgram solution auto-injectors: We’ve just received notification (11th July 2019) that there is a potential problem with EMERADE 150, 300 & 500 auto-injectors. Bausch & Lomb UK limited, the manufacturers of Emerade Adrenalin Auto-Injectors has highlighted a risk of Emerade products failing[…]

The Dechoker

The Dechoker Today we have been made aware by the UK suppliers of the amazing Dechoker that they can now only be sold into the Adult Social Care market. This includes Care Homes, Nursing Homes and other CQC registered Adult Social Care provider. Also providers who support adults with learning difficulties, epilepsy, acquired brain injury,[…]

Vehicle first aid kits

So here I am wondering what to write about for this blog post (I’ve already started writing another blog post about concussion after some friends of mine had a head-on car crash and started to show signs of having it). They say that posts should be interesting and beneficial to the reader & I completely[…]