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A new way to contact us

Our head office is located in the lovely Cheshire countryside town of Knutsford. It has great links to Manchester Airport, the motorway networks and the rail networks. But one thing it doesn’t have is adequate mobile phone coverage. And it’s not just our office that suffers; the whole of Knutsford does. In fact it’s a […]

The Dechoker

The Dechoker Today we have been made aware by the UK suppliers of the amazing Dechoker that they can now only be sold into the Adult Social Care market. This includes Care Homes, Nursing Homes and other CQC registered Adult Social Care provider. Also providers who support adults with learning difficulties, epilepsy, acquired brain injury, […]

Vlogs and Podcasts

Now I know what you’re thinking; “what happened to the vlogs and podcasts that you were going to do?”. Well the simple answer is that I’ve lost my voice! No, really I have! I’ve done pretty well this year avoiding being I’ll, not getting a cold or even a sniffle. But the other day someone […]

Evacuation Chairs – What you need to know.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about evacuation chairs. There are lots of makes and models of evacuation chair on the market. You have probably already seen some in publicly accessible buildings such as hospitals, hotels, sports grounds and arenas; I’ve even seen one in my local Costa Coffee shop. In which case you might be wondering what an evacuation chair does, who it’s for and how you use it? So let’s start with the basics.

New series of Vlog posts to come!

New series of Vlog posts to come! I’m going to be releasing a series of short vlog style video tutorials over the coming months. The first video will be first aid skills related, but what else would you like me to cover? Please let me know so that you can get the most from the […]

New training materials tourniquets

Today I’ve added a different blend of fake blood to the props department (much more similar to arterial blood than before) alongside a suitcase full of theatrical body parts sporting various major trauma injuries.

Latest client feedback

Latest client feedback. I’ve been nose to the grindstone over the last couple of weeks doing various courses myself, so I’ve only had time to run one training course which was an emergency first aid at work course. Anyway I thought I’d share with you some of the feedback that I received from the course; […]

Vehicle first aid kits

So here I am wondering what to write about for this blog post (I’ve already started writing another blog post about concussion after some friends of mine had a head-on car crash and started to show signs of having it). They say that posts should be interesting and beneficial to the reader & I completely […]