A new way to contact us

Our head office is located in the lovely Cheshire countryside town of Knutsford. It has great links to Manchester Airport, the motorway networks and the rail networks. But one thing it doesn’t have is adequate mobile phone coverage. And it’s not just our office that suffers; the whole of Knutsford does. In fact it’s a constant grumble from all of the local businesses. So, to help you be able to get in touch with us, we’ve increased our broadband connection capacity and joined WhatsApp for Business.

A new way to contact us with WhatsApp Business

This means that if you use WhatsApp yourself, you can now use wifi calling and messaging as an alternative means to get in touch with us. No more phones that beep and tell us that there’s a message for us when the phone hasn’t even rung!

So, don’t forget to add us to your WhatsApp contacts list!

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Chris Garland. Founder and lead instructor at Chris Garland Training.
A new way to contact us

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