Latest client feedback

Latest client feedback.

Course evaluation form
Course evaluation form

I’ve been nose to the grindstone over the last couple of weeks doing various courses myself, so I’ve only had time to run one training course which was an emergency first aid at work course.

Anyway I thought I’d share with you some of the feedback that I received from the course;

“Q: In one sentence, how would you describe this course to a friend/colleague?”

  • Comprehensive in the areas that we cover.
  • Invaluable & needed in every workplace (& home)!
  • Better than the previous course I attended.
  • I would recommend it.
  • Informative & lightly delivered during sensitive subjects.
  • Amazing!
Pretty good huh?

See you on a course soon & don’t forget, I’m adding more courses to the catalogue of e-learning and face-to-face training that I already offer!