Back to the grindstone

Back to the grindstone.

Back to the grindstone
Back to the grindstone

I’ve just had a lovely half-term holiday with my wife and kids, but now it’s back to the grindstone. I’ve a mass of emails to go through and several voicemails as well, so if you’ve been in touch over the last few days and left a message, I’ll be getting back to you very soon. 🙂

There might be a slight delay in responding to messages tomorrow though, as I’m attending a Medical Gasses CPD course up in Carlisle which a good friend of mine is running. I’ve not trained in giving Entonox before, only Oxygen, so a bit of learning and a bit of refresher training are on the cards. Having spoken to the trainer earlier this afternoon I’ve got a good idea what to expect and I’m sure that it’s going to be a brilliant course. He’s an ex-frontline NHS paramedic so there are bound to be plenty of gags and a spot of black-humour along the way.

I’ve titled this little blog posting “Back to the grindstone”, but to be honest, of all the jobs I’ve had in the past, this is the least like a grind. I can honestly say that if I were to win the lottery tomorrow I’d carry on doing what I’m doing right now. I love it! It’s even better when 4 new clients knock on your door asking for training, even while you’re away!

At some point I need to get my head down and start reading up for my upcoming level 4 course in Health and Safety; it’s the 3 hour exam that I’m least looking forward to doing, but it will open the doors to a host of new courses that I can offer to you.

Right, back to the emails!

Catch you soon.